2011 achievements and moments

2011 was a year of doing it BIG and making my own moments and decisions to better myself. Here is a list of my 2011 achievements and moments that got me through the year 🙂

Got into the BFA Graphic Design emphasis

Won event of the year for Soul Food Dinner

Saw my sister get married!!! Best wedding ever!!!

Saw my extended family 

Went to Austria, Italy, and Paris

Saw the David, great/crazy hostel experiences

Different foods, and different foods, and ice creams!!!!- Florence had the best gelato 

Spent my 21st birthday in Venice!

Got my first 4.0 in college!

Read some great books!

Best Halloween!!

Was offered a great job opportunity for Graphic Designer for Dining Services

Made some changes in my life to move me in a better direction 

Had a great Austria Art Show (my first art show) 

Alexis (my sister and best friend)— Always there for me 🙂

My Clare Bear came home!

Became an “Auntie”

Met Finch 🙂

Met some great new people

Learned web design

Realized who my true friends were and who had my back 

Got my printed portfolio/pdf portfolio prepared

Have a new self logo I love

Found my passion and finding a route/direction to go towards it

Learned more over all in my studies

What will 2012 bring for me? What will be my motto for this upcoming year? I’ve got my goals set and I’m going to hold to them as much as I can 🙂