A week to remember

I do have to say that this past week was one for the books. So much good news and so much heartache all sumed up in one. 

Words can’t express how happy I am to receive the news that I got a job offer, excepted it, and will start this upcoming week. I have a job! With benefits and a salary! Haha I am so excited because it will be a new start for me, its in the field that I graduated in, I will be a Web Designer, working on Macs (my favorite :)) and getting experience under my belt. I was so happy to hear the news and actually feel direction towards my life again. I was praying so much and even doing the prayer of St. Jude. I was so happy for this. Although it was at first a shock and I couldn’t believe it, I knew God wanted me to take this job and give me this opportunity instead of the other job I was going for. And that was just the beginning of me week.

As the end of the week came near, I was excited to head home to my home town before I start my real 8-5 job. Also finish up my waitressing career, where I met a lot of good people and friends I hope to keep in touch with. 

Friday came, it was my second to last day and getting ready for work, I decided to check my facebook before I headed out. Normal scrolling and came across something that shocked me even more than the news about my job. One of my friends had passed away earlier in the day. I didn’t believe it, I called my advisor the one that would know, and she told me. I just didn’t know what to do. I broke down crying as I headed to work. I just couldn’t believe it, this man, who I had just talked to earlier in the week had passed away. One of my friends who had done so much in his life, but also had so much more he wanted to do was gone. I didn’t make it into work that day. They through a vigil for him that night and what kept me from crying in the beginning was seeing how many people he had touched and seeing how many lives he had impacted over his 3 years at my school. It was amazing and a blessing to see. I was so proud of him and so grateful to see all that he had done throughout his lifetime. Although it hurt to see, I know that he is watching over me and it makes me want to live my life to the fullest and not let things stress me out that I can’t control. God has got his plans for me and all I can do is believe in him and go with him in his plans. 

I love you Kris King. I know you will be watching up there as I continue to go on my journey and start a new path in my life. 


I’m excited to start my new job as Web Designer and excited for the new things I will discover about myself and about my work. 



33 days in counting

As I’m sitting here about to start my homework I realize I have almost less than a month until I am done with school and about 5 weeks until I graduate. Can you believe it? I for sure can’t. That’s 5 weeks until I have to be out in the real world. 5 weeks until I am no longer a college student. 5 weeks until its the real thing. 4 weeks until I can be finally finished with all college courses. 4 weeks until all my final projects are done. Even 3 weeks until my big BFA show!

The weeks and the days determine so much in our lives. We rely on the time of day, the minute of the hour, and the second in the minutes even. A countdown to so many things. A countdown that determines so much. It tests your patience really. 

I can’t believe it. I’m looking for grown up internships, jobs to hold me over until then, and even wondering what I will be doing after the summer months. What happens when September hits? I’ve already gone back and forth on where I want to move afterwards and factors do determine a lot of that. Job priority is first, the weather, family and friends in the state, who I know, what I can do. Where I can live. Its just so much to figure out!!! Ahhhhh!!!!1 I am literally not sure what I want to do haha but I know that God will lead me in the right direction. Its all in his plans. 

But one of the upsides to all this and becoming a grown up I get to dress like this when I find a real job 🙂


Job Searching… a never ending process

Sooooo……. I have to grow up and I don’t like it.

I have to start looking for jobs, and updating my portfolio, oh and of course get a portfolio website since most jobs are asking for that now. Why is it such a task looking for jobs? Why is it so hard to begin the search? Where to start? Where to look? Where am I going? Internship first? or Job first? How much do I ask for? SO MANY QUESTIONS!!!

Some people receive one as soon as they get into their senior year, or even before that. Some people receive one as soon as they get out of college, and some send in resume after resume hoping to find one job that will give them a chance. I don’t want that to be me. I’m going to work my butt off so that I can feel secure when I graduate and at least have a job when I get out, either that or an internship to get my foot in the door. I’m striving for the best and to be the best. Not only do I have to look the part, but my work does as well. I have o sell myself a 100x over in order to get that job that I want. In order to get those connections that I want.

Although my search is just beginning, and although ome don’t apply, it never hurts to try and I’m going to try and set a goal for myself. Its going to happen because I’m a go getter and I’m an achiever. One way or another, I will get to the place I want to be.