IM DONE!!!!!!!!!

Ya I don’t know if I need to even say anything else. Except for: I’M DONE!!!!!!!!!!!! Next Saturday May 5th, 2012 I will become a graduate of USU in Art and Design with an emphasis in Graphic Design and a minor in Business Management.

WHAT WHAT!!?!!??!!?!?!?! I’m done!!! Stay tuned for life changing events and what happens afterwards

Word of the Year 2012

My word of the year for 2012 is FOCUS —-mentally, physically, and spiritually.

I want to focus more on my studies, more on my future and more on making connections.

I want to be able to focus more on my friendships, the ones that matter, and the ones that have just begun. Focus more on relationships–family, friends, and extended relationships.

I want to focus more on praying everyday and thanking God for what he has given me. As well as keep God in my daily life whichever thing that I do throughout.

FOCUS is my word of the year. Focus on the bigger picture, focus on my future, focus on my graduation, focus on getting a job, focus on being better than I was the last year, focus on my relationships, focus on learning more about my career, focus on saving, focus on becoming better, focus on God, focus on family, focus on my attitude, focus on my heart, focus on the things that are important to me.


Whats your “word of the year”?