Dark Places – Gillian Flynn

Dark Places: A Novel

I listened to this book. Which I’m still not fond of doing because I actually have to listen, so its something hard to do while you are driving or working. But anyways, enough about me and my needs. This book, just like its title was DARK! I was not expecting such things. I had read a little about it, but it was awhile ago so I hadn’t remembered really what the story was about.

Dark Places is about Libby Day, a survivor of a burtal murder of her family members one dark night in January of 1985. It starts off as Libby , 25 years later , almost broke from the funds that were given to her as a littler girl after the murders. She is in a bad state and needs to get more money. So she meets a group of people, called The Kill Club, who want to get to the bottom of the murders and figure out what truly happened that night. Libby Day at 7, testified against her brother, who she believed to have murdered her family. Although she never saw the true killer. So as Libby uncovers what happens that night, she starts to wonder if she was correct in her statement.

There are flashbacks as to what happened the day before on January 2nd, 1985 with different points of view from her mom, brother, and libby herself. So as Libby Day in the present unravels what truly was going on with her family and what happened that night, the flashbacks also give you some insite as to what might have happened. Now throughout the whole story I’m trying to figure out who really did and what really happened. All I can say is jaw dropping good! Such a good book, and I believe it was well written.

I’m not going to give away the ending, but lets just say, you will be shocked by what unfolds in the last chapter.


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