Holiday Bottles

Another project a weekend! This time I decided to use some left over wine cooler bottles and paint them.

First I used hot glue to write the words on them and then painted 2 layers of paint on each bottle.

The final touch was a glitter layer. I might had some festive accessories into them once Thanksgiving and Christmas come closer.

Happy Holidays!! Hope, Joy, and Love


While Luda is in the shop….

My poor baby, my poor Luda, got hit by a deer and was hurt from the inside out.

No longer the beautiful dark green, fully put together 2001 Saturn LS. The right side was torn apart and broken.

Its like a relationship, you get back what you put in. My luda was hurt and neglected. I’m so sorry Luda for not paying as much attention to you as I should have.

I should have washed you and kept you clean, inside and out.

I shouldn’t have smeared that blue acrylic paint on your back seat

I shouldn’t have spilled constant Dr Pepper in your cup holder and made you sticky.

I should have made you smell better

I should have paid more attention to you.

Forgive me Luda for I have done wrong by you. But come the end of this week, all will be fixed and just as new baby!!

While you are in the shop….

While I am off on break, I will keep you protected and dress you up with new interiors and make you just as new

Good Luda, Good Luda, your green will shine once again