Trash can Decor

Decided to spruce up my plain old white trash can this weekend because I really don’t like plain white things in my life if I can help it. If I could, I would paint my walls in my apartment but since I can’t, The things I do to bring life and color into my place will have to do.

The beginning stages:





The final product


It looks like its from the 80s or something. But I love the colors and no though process that came from it. I just painted and went with it.
Until next week!! I have something big planned if it all works out 🙂

Until then happy thanksgiving and happy shopping!

Wall hanging project

So I’ve been at it again! A new project for the weekend. It was so difficult shopping for fabric at Hobby Lobby because I didn’t know what to choose. But I think what I have settle on was a good choice.

I decided to get some things up on these bare walls. Finally! I’m getting something up which is a start.

This is all you need: Styrofoam boards, and fabric of your choice. You can use any of the following to keep you fabric on board: tacky glue, spray adhesive, staple gun, hot glue, etc. anything that keeps your fabric in tack.

Fabric cut to the boards with extra room on each side to fold over

What it looks like on the board finished

Final project hanging up in my bedroom

I will soon put pictures in picture frames and attach them to the boards as well to add some more depth.

I also did this in my living room. Going down to match the slop of my walls

And there you have it! Wall decor that adds some more flare and touch to your white walls if you live in an apartment. Or for any room really.

Something to make you inspired and something to make you laugh: