The Bible: Part 4

Titled the “Mission”. Like in my sermon today from pastor TD jakes, there was going to be “no more drama” when Jesus walked into Jerusalem. Jesus had a mission from God and this is his journey. All about Palm Sunday and the events leading up to Easter and Jesus’ crucifixion. The Bible goes over Jesus’ life as our preacher and teacher.
Jesus produces his miracles of healing a blind man, a man that cannot walk, and raising Lazarus from the dead as well as feeds the crowd of 500. He preaches to his disciples and puts trust into Peter.


Palm sunday as it is called is the day Jesus enters Jerusalem on a donkey. Jesus preaches to the crowds on the temple grounds and performs miracles for the Jews. And so begins Judas betraying Jesus 3 times.

Man and when I see Barabus though, I feel sorrow and a huge dislike for him because of what he was put through and that he didn’t believe in Jesus and that the crowd had chosen him over Jesus.

The Last Supper. Jesus sees a vision of what is to come of his life. He knows who betrays him and he sees himself dying. Peter is told he will deny Jesus 3 times.

He has been judged in the middle of the night where no one can see what has happened.

Ooh boy. Next Sundays conclusion, I believe will be one for the books.

Happy Palm Sunday!!!


The Bible on the History Channel

So I hope my followers by now have heard about The Bible on the History Channel. If you have not its a 5 part series on of course, The Bible. It started last Sunday and Part 2 was last night. Check it out! Rediscovering the most heart-renching, stories of the bible.

This Sunday we went over the falling of Jericho, Samson, Saul, David and Goliath, and Davids reign as king.

The story of Jericho, made me miss how much I love the history and how I wrote a paper on Noah’s Ark (15 pages to be exact), and for the Ark of the Covenant, it has been lost in time with only the writing from the bible guessing on its location. No one knows where they truly are and many assume they have them. I think God will reveal them when the time comes and if it is necessary. God leads us in ways that we cannot see, so in some way, I believe if we stop looking for them, they will come to fruition.

Anyways, what I truly have loved about this so far, and I saw Oprah and T.D. Jakes talking about this on twitter, was Samson. Samson was a big ‘ol dude with dreads! And finally, black people being shown in the bible. After so long, we all know they were living back in the day, how could they not in that area of the world. Don’t act like Africans/blacks were non-existent in Jesus’ time, because they were. As someone has finally shown us that they were, I am so thankful for that. Amen to having some black people in there! But of course, Samson gets distracted by the woman, Delilah.

In David’s case, the chosen king after Saul falls, the man goes in sin. Even as a chosen one, we fall short and sin. The Devil is evil, but us as humans have to be just as strong and good willed to overcome the devil and his temptations.

The Bible