A College Graduate

Utah State University Graduate. BFA in Art & Design with an emphasis in Graphic Design and a minor in Business Management


Me the College Graduate!! I’m finished!!!! 


IM DONE!!!!!!!!!

Ya I don’t know if I need to even say anything else. Except for: I’M DONE!!!!!!!!!!!! Next Saturday May 5th, 2012 I will become a graduate of USU in Art and Design with an emphasis in Graphic Design and a minor in Business Management.

WHAT WHAT!!?!!??!!?!?!?! I’m done!!! Stay tuned for life changing events and what happens afterwards

Made it through

….another weekend. But this wasn’t just any other weekend. This was my BFA Exhibit weekend. This was the Logan Film Festival Weekend. This was the “fringe” design weekend. This was the redesign of 100N Weekend. This was my parents coming in for the weekend.This was the last weekend of doing projects! By this time next week I will be done with college! I will be done with school projects and sitting in classes. I can’t believe it. I really can’t believe I am going to be graduating in 2 weeks. Thats a short amount of time when you think about it. A lot can happen in two weeks. 2 weeks of waiting. 4 days of getting through my last classes. 4 final projects due. I’m so excited!!!!!!

I’m stronger than I was 4 years ago. I’m wiser, I’m more open and outgoing, more creative, more natured, more traveled. 4 years ago I was graduating high school. Now I will be graduating college. A lot has happened in 4 years. A lot will happen in the next. I know I may not have a set path on what I am doing with my life in the next  couple of months, I know its up for grabs on the outcome of a job will be, I know I have no idea where I will be come August, but I do know its hard for my mother to let me go, I know my dad will guide me and support me through my decisions, I know my sister has got my back on whatever I do, I know my man will be there for me and keep on motivating me. I do know that I’m excited for whats to come and I can’t wait for what God has in store for me.

God has a path for me, he has plans for me, I know it may not be as fast as I would like it to be or as clear as I would, but I know its there and no matter what I have faith in him that what ever does happen will be for the benefit of me. What ever path he leads me on will be the one for me. I’m stronger than I was 4 years ago, I’m stronger than I was at the beginning of my senior year, I’m wiser, I’m focused. I’m stronger today than I was yesterday.

Bring it on world. Bring it on

15 days in counting

Holy Crap! I looked up at my post-it notes countdown and it shows 15 days are left!! 15 days till my final projects are due!! 15 days till I can call it good and I’m finished taking my last classes at USU. How Crazy!!!! Its freakin amazing!!!!! I am sooo excited about next weekend though.

Its my Senior BFA Exhibition It should be amazing and a great turn out as well. I’m excited as well because my parents will be coming down to see it too! Look how excited I am!!! Its coming up! I hope everyone that makes it can enjoy my work. For those of you that can’t make it I have a website! ricapeeka.com Its under construction right now but it will be up and running by the end of April and of course before Graduation day!

Wow I just can’t believe it. Time flys by so quickly, before I know it I will be walking across the stage to get my diploma and celebrating the start of a great beginning and ending chapter. Life is happening people.

Well I need to get back to my homework and focus! I’ve got a website to code and some money to redesign! 😉