What is goin on with the men in Sports?

First we have Lance Armstrong, becoming probably one of the most conceited,  big bully, lying men in the world of sports and he has not remorse for his actions. Who is this man? The man I routed for when I was younger and supported his hard work and efforts to do what he loved while battling a disease. I mean what an inspiration for children right?

I remember in high school when I got my first Livestrong band, I would wear that thing everywhere and I would be proud to wear it because it meant to me that I was overcoming some hard obstacles and working on bettering myself in the sports I loved.

The first thing I thought when I heard that Lance had lied was what was going to happen to his organization. Would that still continue knowing that this man had lied his way through gold medals and money, only to come up in a web of lies? Would people still support his organization even though they now know the real person behind the label? I’m nervous to see what happens. Not only for the purpose of the organization but for the people working there and who have actively supported LiveStrong and its vision.

I guess we will just have to see…. And am I the only one who thinks it weird that he decided to come out on Oprah’s OWN channel? Why her? Why wait?

Then we have the news of our very own NCAA football player caught up in a catfish story. One thing is that he admits to have been talking or wait… “dating” a woman he met online for the past 3 years and has never met her. To be honest Manti Te’O, you play football for Notre Dame, you can honestly say you didn’t find anyone to talk to on your own campus that you could meet and hangout with in person? Either way, this hoax whoever is behind it, whether it was to raise your ranks in getting the Heisman trophy, or you actually did get played, I do have to say.. well played on either side.

You will either be looked at like you were a victim of “catfish”, or you were behind one of the most heartbreaking, unbelievable, yet hidden, yet biggest lies of the football season, maybe even football history as of right now. All for what? Because it sure didn’t help your team win the BCS Championship. That was just embarrassing. Either way, it was a hoax and it pretty much made you even more famous than you were before, and you could even make it to the NFL for it.

Props, to both of these athletes on their lies over this past week. I do have to say it was interesting to see how it all played out. I think I will just sit back and see what else happens in our news this next week.

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