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Starbucks Date!

My Starbucks date with this lady here was awesome 🙂

Although I was in and out of wi-fi connections it was good to get out for the first time and see some of my new surrounds. Starbucks people do exist here!!!


…Anywhos it makes me happy to know that this new area has a lot of things and places that reminds me of home, I’m very excited to experience this place and find new places that I will fall in love with.


My parents come tomorrow for the weekend SO excited to see them!!


Until next time… 🙂 

To Blessed to be Stressed


A Working Woman

I am finally a working woman! And it feels good! Working at a design firm has finally come to light. I’m hoping that things will end up going well, off of these few days they seem to be going well and I’m happy to see how life goes on!

I’m also excited to see and fix up my new apartment!! Soon soon! I will be posting pictures! I’ve been on pinterest a lot lately these days and I’m so excited to try out a lot of the DIY crafts I have posted. 🙂

Chillin at the Table

Working on redesigning my website and designing a friends website, I sit across from my boyfriend as the summer day passes. He just finished washing his car and I just got off of work not too long ago. We both have a lot in common, one thing in particular a passion for music. A deep passion. Haha I’m laughing right now because he is doing a chair dance. 🙂 Always knows how to make me laugh. And every song that is coming up seems to bring back memories in our past, fun memories, crazy memories, random memories and more.

The person I am sitting across from is too funny. He is my backbone and my strength. He makes me laugh when I’m done and even mad at him, somehow he gets me and all my wacky weird things that I do. Somehow he loves me as well. Just as I love him, we’ve got each others backs.

And memories like this I hope will stay with me for a long time. High pitched voice and all, Memories where its just me and him sitting at the table like this in our own world doing our own thing and yet at the same time we are in each others world. Already changing it for the better 🙂