Holiday Bottles

Another project a weekend! This time I decided to use some left over wine cooler bottles and paint them.

First I used hot glue to write the words on them and then painted 2 layers of paint on each bottle.

The final touch was a glitter layer. I might had some festive accessories into them once Thanksgiving and Christmas come closer.

Happy Holidays!! Hope, Joy, and Love

Parental Weekend!

The parentals came this weekend and boy was I very grateful for them. I love them soo much. How caring and supportive, and helpful they are. As my journey through my new life of being on my own and growing up they have helped out a lot during this transition. I can say they stocked me up!

This only explains half of what they did for me. But basically I am stocked up on lotions for a long time (Thanks mom and our love for Bath and Body Works )

As well as the kitchen getting stocked up with new plates, cups, bowls, cooking utensils (can’t wait to use every single one!!) tubberware, pots and pats and more.


I haven’t taken a picture of the new set up to my living room but lets just say its pretty awesome. Slowly but surely my apartment is being home and mine. Soon I’ll be starting some DIY crafts to get this feeling like a home.


Thank you so much for my parents God. Without them I wouldn’t know what to do. Shoot they keep me safe and I will never fail with them by my side. ❤