Pumpkin Carving

My best friend and I decided instead of carving pumpkins and getting messy, we were going to paint ours. Fun times Let me tell you. Here is the end result:


Mines the Top and My Besties is the bottom


Happy Halloween everyone 🙂


The Help: my movie review

So….. I just watched the movie “The Help” and fell in love with it. I’ve been currently reading the book and can’t wait to finish it even more now. But it was a great movie to watch and very touching to be honest. I wasn’t expecting it to be as amazing as it was. Now of course, the movie can’t be as good as the book, but it was a real close call. I am in love with the strong empowerment that these women developed for themselves, and for others. They showed the strength that I want to have, the strength that I am working towards.

I was in love with their stories, and in love with these women. They portrayed it amazingly, and honestly “Miss Hilly” pissed me off, haha guess, just like she was suppose to do. I fell in love with Aibileen’s kind voice and attitude, her reasons behind her wanting to stick up for herself and her strength to never back down. Minny reminds me of a couple of my friends, haha. Always say what’s on their mind and never saying anything less. Minny told it like it was, and did what she needed to do to get back for all the wrong she has been put through. She deserved her happy ending, and so did Aibileen.

I was so touched by this story, and it makes me so proud to be black. It makes me know that the things I stick up for, the things I do because of my race, and because of who I am, weren’t for nothing. I’m proud to be black, and I will never forget that, I will never back down from my own iidentity and who I am, because what happened in the past, makes and shapes me to be the person that I am today. I want to make a difference just like these ladies did, I might know how, and I’m excited to see what changes I can do.

The Help“, you really made it clear to me who I am, and you helped me to love those around me just that much more who are fighting everyday to pick up their strength and fight even stronger.