Watch out Apple world. ios7 is coming to phones near you this fall. What can I say? As I was watching the WWDC event yesterday morning, I couldn’t help to applaud and then frown and then applaud again with all the news for new things to come from Apple. The new Mac Pro, very excited to see that working and hoping to get my hands on one as soon as I possibly can!

Go here to see all the specs:

I was then equally excited to hear about the new OS X system coming as well. Mavericks. What a great name haha still reminds me of Top Gun. I’m sure thats what they were going for. 🙂

New things coming::  hero_wave

TABS!! finderCan I just tell you how I’m so excited to hear that tabs will be coming? As well as tags! You know how that will make organizing my files as a graphic designer so much easier to find? Gosh make my life 10 times easier.


iBooks! Finally is all I can say!

Maps… not sure why this would be necessary on a macbook but eh whatever.

Multiple Displays looks very functional and rather fun. Can’t wait to try that out. Especially at work.

iCloud Keychain will definitely have to try this out. I’ve seen many apps and things that do this, but I haven’t trusted one enough to do it.

Calendars definitely seems more functional and helpfulcalendar_inspector

Notifications: More interactive! Now you dont have to click on the twitter or facebook notification and it brings up a web page, you can just reply from the notifications center!

Finally the ios7. The big reveal. Everyone new it would be a flatter design, just didn’t know to what capacity. Now as they were announcing new things I was more and more excited, however, I’ve gotten more opinions after sleeping on this as well as reviewing more photos and looking at some of the developers who have tried it out.

Whole new design. First real design change since the iPhone itself came out. So of course people will have to get use to some big changes. Its only nature right?

so the slide to unlock… looks pretty clean. Just like apple.

I am so excited about the control center! You know how difficult and annoying it is to have to go into your settings and look for your airplane mode or turn off and on your wi-fi if you need to or change the brightness? It was not easily accessible and this makes it so much easier to find. Image

The notifications center:

Seems more functional and effective. Giving the weather and most important things bigger and up front. You can select from today’s, all, or missed notifications. I do like how the background comes into play so the ios7 is responsive to the background image you put in.




iTunes Radio. Bye Bye Pandora haha you were good while you lasted. Spotify you have some competition now! Man I love my music and to finally have it all in once place and a radio attached I couldn’t be more happier. Making my own stations, its just like pandora, but more apple.



Finally! Siri doesnt sound like a robot anymore! And she can have a male voice! I was so excited to hear that and her new voices. Words can not explain how many times I have muted siri with driving directions because of how annoying her voice was! Especially when she is reading back text messages! Can I say she really had no idea what she was saying? I love the voice feature of when you talk, its shows the sound waves and siri knows that you are speaking.



Camera. Hate the icon for sure. Looks so plain. Actually I hate all the new icons, especially safari. You got jacked on that one.  Anyways. The one thing I wish they would have intergrated into the camera. A damn timer!! Why can’t we get a timer? Thats all I want! So I don’t have to use these stupid apps that are out there for a timer! I dont think it was necessary to add filters because instagram and twitter already do that and they have a lot more to offer. I like the different views of things. Especially the square which helps out with the large audience of users on instagram. We love that stuff.



Which leads me to photos. I am loving the organization of this! Captures it in moments and collections. The quick and easy way to share photos. Its like iPhoto bringing it to the iPhone. I love the separate because yes he was right, if iPhone knows where and when you took the photos why cant we know? Its great that it can pin our locations and tell us where the photos were taken because lets face it, we all cant remember that one photo and where it was taken. index_photos_posterframe_2x


The weather app gets revamped! Maybe I wont have to use accuweather anymore after this! The weather is actually active! And shows in the background what the weather is really like. With a very clean design and font choice. I love that the numbers are huge so I dont have to look hard for what the temp is. It looks clean. Weather did good. index_weather_posterframe_2x


Mail. As soon as I saw what mail could do. I said to myself that definitely looks a lot like the Mailbox app functionality and style to be honest. I wonder how Mailbox feels? But apple made this too plain. Nothing exciting about it. And it looks poorly designed. Not a fan of it. Not a fan of the old one either. I think I will stick to mailbox though.  index_mail_posterframe_2x


Airdrop. I actually might try and use this more! Now that it seems to function better and I’m not totally confused as to its purpose! Especially since about 70% of my friends and family have iPhones this will definitely come in handy and very useful I believe. index_airdrop_posterframe_2x



Last but not least the messages. Kind of a let down. I get that its integrating the background and the see through function but I think it did it too much. The bubbles look too flat almost. And the keyboard gets lost in my opinion.  I guess I will just have to see how it goes come fall.  index_messages_posterframe_2x


I would shelve out $100 to be a developer just so I could test this out. But I think getting the information from the true developers and apple cray crays is enough to hold me over until it comes out in the fall.

Who out there has tested the new ios7? Do you like it, love it, hate it, deal with it? I would love to know your opinions.  I’m in the ehh stage of it. I’m not a fan of the design, but I think the functionality is the important part. We shall see!


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