Good Hair

So I finally watched the documentary called “Good Hair” don’t judge me!

I think it was a necessary part of my hair journey and I dont think I was ready to watch this back when I was relaxed/weaves stage of my life. But now that I’m going through my transition stage and going back to natural, I believed it was time to watch it. Soo if you haven’t watched “Good Hair” with Chris Rock, watch it.

So the first part is all about relaxing and how we perceive ourselves in the relaxed state. How black women are addicted to “The Perm”, “The Relaxer”, “The creamy Crack”, etc. That burn we go through just to have our hair straight. The money we spend on perms and relaxers just to look straight and “fit in” with our other counterparts.

We are training our children that a perm is right and that you are suppose to get a perm.These girls on the movie are getting perms at 3, 4, 5, 6, etc. Even at younger ages! The mothers give up at such a young age and dont want to have to deal with their childrens “nappy” hair because its too hard to handle.

Do you remember when you first got your hair permed?

Shoot I dont even think I can. I would have to look back at pictures at my parents house. I know that it wasn’t before the 4th grade because I still had my natural hair in cute little puffs. 🙂 Some of the celebrities can remember when they first had their perm and they are older than me! I remember of course being in braids in middle school, and 7th, 8th grade I definitely had perms because I wasn’t allowed to wear weaves/braids at my school because it wasn’t my “natural hair”. High school, I stayed with the braids and weaves because it was easy to work with while I was playing sports and always on the go. But as soon as I took them out, I would get a perm and do it all over again. Once I was in college, I was in weaves non-stop, and my mother switched me to texturizers. Now, all texturizers are is a lesser version of a perm. But it still has harsh chemicals in them and you aren’t doing anything good for your hair by putting in those chemicals.

Weaves. Ha some of the things they say about weaves. Actually it all is true! Ha How long it takes, how it looks, different ways of doing it, clips, half weaves, and the list goes on. The price we pay to want to look good. People will pay up to 18,000 a year on weaves, a 1,000 for just the hair, not even getting it put in! Its a billion dollar industry. I’ve spent some good money on weaves, but not that much money! Then comes the hours of sitting down to get it done. Up to 4+ hours to get your hair done. I’ve sat for 8-10 hours to get braids done, and about 6 hours to get a weave done. Beauty is pain and beauty is time! I was addicted and I would take the time to do it, all to just look good.

The 100% Indian Human Hair. Hair is worth more than gold in India and we spent millions of dollars to get the best hair back in the states. The women sacrifice their hair in a religion exercise called “tanja” and auctioned off to the highest bidder. The money made at the temple is second to the vatican.

Whether you have a weave or natural hair women still react the same way. DON’T TOUCH MY HAIR! Haha Its on either way. But being a natural woman, you have more open opportunities to go out and do more because your hair wont become puffy and natural. Being a naturalista, you can go out in the rain or in the pool and have no problem with it. Having a weave that is out of the question.

The Bronner Brothers competition and hair show is the biggest hair show in the world. That comes around twice a year. I actually would love to go to one of these and see what it is now. This movie was made in 2009, before the huge rise in natural hair, and natural products. It would be interesting, to see how the show alters towards natural hair and what new products come from it.

Next goal on bucket list after I get my hair length check is go to the hair show.

Here is this years: August 17-20

There is no good hair. Hair is hair. Natural Hair is freedom. Good Hair


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