The Millennial Generation

I just read the article in TIMES Magazine about the generation of the millennials (do have to mention it was on my iPad, digital era here). My generation. My sisters generation. And the generations after me. From the 1980s-2000s. We are the ME generation.
*many of these points come from the article. So I’m just paraphrasing a 21 page article, for those who don’t subscribe to TIMES and writing my thoughts next to them. Everything italicized is Times. 

The Era of the Millennials:

We want more. We want more! Just give it to us now and no one will get hurt 🙂 (just like that AT&T commercial )

millenials   We are narcissist, self involved, overconfident, and lazy.
Can I say that we just love ourselves so much. Only because our parents thought we were all beautiful and princesses and princes while growing up. We wanted that fairy tale ending and we thought we deserved it.
   We are so self involved with ourselves. Just take a look at Instagram or Facebook where people take so many “selfies” of themselves it’s sickening. It’s more likely that children at the age of 1 know how to pose from all the pictures we take of our children.
   We live for the camera. Which means we are more open with our lives and more open to showing what’s really going on.
   We are overconfident in ourselves. We think we deserve it all! Oh but don’t we? They are just giving us the route to take what is ours.
   We are lazy. We would rather work for a high profile celebrity then become CEO of a company. With that, I think we undervalue ourselves and want more of the experience rather than the status. We want the culture and fame rather than the money.

StudentDebtLess debt, but live at home more. We accrue less debt but only if we say at home with our parents to pay it off. (Seeing as new stories come in on our student loans not so sure bout this one anymore)


We love taking photos of ourselves. INSTAGRAM we live for that. How many of you wake up to check your Instagram Facebook and twitter to catch up on things before you even get out of the bed!?! How many of you fall asleep with the phone in your hand constantly checking for updates?! I know I check my phone more than 5x in one hour.

Great at multi-tasking. Oh boy am I great at this. I can send an email, check Twitter, answer a text message, watch tv, write a paper, all at the same time. What can you do generation x?

Think we deserve a lot more, even getting promotions every 2 years even of we don’t deserve it. Shoot. I think this is just stupid. But it goes with us as a generation believing we are entitled to something. I know there are people out there like this though.

Change jobs more because we want new experiences. I can honestly agree to that. More of us change and stay in jobs for less than 5 years to switch it up. All for the new experiences. We are moving into the workplace now as the baby boomers move out and we believe we can do it all.

We know about the issues but won’t do anything about them. Example being Joseph Kony. We hate him but we won’t do anything about it. Darn right. I remember this little trend coming and going. Oh we can make posters and act like we care but we won’t honestly go out and do something about it.

We will marry later. We don’t have time for marriage. We want to live our lives first and then settle down!

Experiences are more important than material goods. We would rather have the great experiences so people can see how happy and great of a life we have then what we have. I can believe that. I would rather live my life to the fullest doing everything I can and want to do than spend it on clothes. I want to travel more and see the world. Do things I never thought I could do because you only live once!

We grew up in the 9/11, new media. The mark zuckerbergs. The apple empire. Everything is technology based and everything is in real time. We grew up with the 9/11 post and the forever war.

We don’t respect authority and yet we don’t resent them.

Generation of think. Think before you do. We have a plan before we do it. We want this to happen and then after that we are going to do this. Plan plan and think!

We challenge convention

We want constant approval. Instagram, Facebook, Twitter. How many followers determines our “Net-worth” right?

We love our phones but hate talking on them. (I can definitely see that around. We rely on our phones for all the information. We don’t want to miss anything). We would rather text than talk. Now a days you see young adults in restaurants with their heads down and in their phones. No one is having conversations anymore, at least not face to face. No landlines(what are those? Haha just kidding)

We are the biggest generation and probably the last that can be put into a group

We are the me me me generation. All about me and what I want and how I can get it. We are the generation that wants everything and will do anything to get it.

Well there ya have it folks. The Me Generation. Will we save the rest of the world or will we bring about the end of the world as we all know and love it?

Are you a millennial, or generation x, or a baby boomer? What is your take on things?



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