World War Z

Well, I’ve just finished another book. World War Z!

World War Z: An Oral History of the Zombie War

I’ve been on this whole zombie love affair lately. After watching “The Walking Dead” and being sad that the season was over I had to go in search for more zombies.

World War Z, is the war on Zombies, different encounters from different people all over the world telling their story about how the Zombies attached them or how it affected them. There was some fearful stories, horrible stories, sad stories, and heartfelt stories throughout this book. I loved getting different points of views from all over the world on how they encountered the zombies. It was good. I also loved that some of my favorite states were mentioned and how those people in that state survived the war.

I did get a little bored towards the end because it seemed like there were so many stories and its hard to follow one story and just as your about to get into or you’ve invested your time into another story comes up. I would still give it a read however. Its something to think about really.

What would you do if the zombies came? How would you react? Are you prepared for the War on Zombies if they ever do come?



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