2 Months Natural!

Today is my 2 month of returning to natural!

Now of course like previously mentioned I’ve been without a relaxer since May-June of 2012. Thats when I stopped putting weaves in and decided to try out my natural hair, but I was still wanting my hair straight, so I wasn’t keeping it healthy by using so much heat on it. March of 2013 I decided to be true to myself and start on this journey.

Look at that!! Soo cute! and Love how it just twists up and stays

Look at that!! Soo cute! and Love how it just twists up and stays

What can I say…. I have been loving my hair more and more each day to be honest. I love looking at my curls in the back (thats where it is fully natural and doesn’t have my relaxed edges) it makes me so happy! I’m excited and yet anxious to see how my hair will look fully natural after I get my relaxed ends fully chopped off.









A couple of weeks ago I went to my hair dresser ( a fellow naturalista) and she was so happy to see meIMG_1129 after these past couple of months and she has said my hair has grown and loves how it is looking now. (I can say I’m right there with her, and her hair has grown so much too!) She has introduced me to flat twists which I’m loving just as much as the bantu-knots. ❤

Its becoming summer weather so I know I need to let my hair do its own thing pretty much because the heat that is coming will not be my friend. Either way I know that I’ve got to keep it moisturized and keep my hands out of it as much as possible.




Here are some styles I’ve done in the past month

I’m honestly loving this journey I am on. Each day, I can say I love what I see. I may have those days where I don’t know what to do with it, but in some way it just works out because its natural! I’m becoming more confident, loving the way I look, loving my hair, my body, my everything more because of this journey. I’m so glad I have taken this journey of natural hair. I can say it is changing me to become a better person and love the skin I am in. I’m doing this for me and thats the best part, because no matter what I am loving myself more and more each day.



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