Game of Thrones : Daenerys Targaryen

Ok sooo I know I’m a bit late to the Game of Thrones wagon but I’ve caught up in a week and a half and can fully say this is my new favorite show!

Can I just say I love Daenerys Targaryen? That lady can get it!!! Shoot! Shes my new herione I’m not even mad at it. Do your thang girl, cuz you also make me fear you and want to be like you all in one episode.

If you haven’t watched last nights then dont read any further: SPOILER ALERT!!

Danaerys-Targaryen-Game-Of-Thrones-Season-3-Episode-4Ok the whole show I was thinking to myself where is Daenerys!?!? Is she not in this episode? If she wasn’t I was going to be very sad. But luckily, with 12 minutes left she pops up and doesn’t disappoint. That women as far as I can remember, can speak up to 3 languages now fluently, (let us remember 2 made up languages) and not even be fazed by it. I knew she wasn’t going to give up her dragon that easily, but I didnt know what she would do instead. Can I just say, Hell yes!?!? Soo happy about that ending! I wanted to stick it to that man for calling her “B*#ch” so many times. She held her own, and even knowing what he was saying without his sensor.

P.S. Love her new lady that she freed, Missandei and love her hair! Go natural! 250px-Missandei_season_3_ep_1

Anyways, back to the story haha. She took what was heres ,freed the unsullied and turned them against their previous leader. She now has an army of 8,000+. Props to that woman. The rightful owner of the Iron Throne, I can’t even see anyone else that has any chance against her. Shes the whole package. Only killing those that put harm to her, and those who do her wrong and freeing everyone else. Thats a true leader. Shes literally taking what is hers with fire and blood. That is an ambitious woman. Amen to her. Total Badass status.

I watched that last part about 4 times last night haha jaw dropped and just smiling the whole time. I am just awed and amazed still! The writers for this show are truely artists and amazing. The actors and actresses have made this book come alive in more ways than one. Can’t wait for next week!



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