1 month Natural!!!

Can you believe it? Time has gone by so fast! But I am officially 1 month of returning to natural! I can say I feel great about this decision I have made for myself and I feel more confident in my hair than I was before. I dont have to deal with trying to get my hair to look straight all the time and damaging my hair with all that heat I was putting on it.IMG_1062 (Today’s hair style!) Look at its volume!

I’ve been learning a lot about different products, methods, styles, and such throughout this past month and I can say there is still so much more to learn! I love learning about it though and I’m trying to stay focused on looking at videos that are around my hair length and reading forums about transitioning. Since thats the method I have chosen. I will be getting a trim in the next week or two and I’m very nervous about it, but I know my hairdresser will do great because she is natural just like me and I love her! (been going to her for almost 2 years now) . Now I know it hasn’t been all roses and daises this past month, I have woken up and had no idea what do with my hair, or tried a new style and it didn’t work out, and even just didn’t feel like twisting or bantu knots at night. But as time has gone on, I’m getting faster at the process and even sit infront of the tv so I’m more distracted. I’ve found a method that works for me as far as my daily routine:

Water, Oil, Shea butter curl enhancing smoothie, and twist into bantu knots. Wake up and do my style (this is mostly every night so I can keep my curls and my relaxed ends don’t look so pitiful).

I will do a co-wash if I see that my hair is getting dried out or its just lost its shine. Otherwise not really necessary. (dont fix whats not broken right?)

Weekly Deep conditioning: I’ve been trying different things but I love my giovanni deep conditioner and I use my ACV rinse as well.

Well I should let my pictures do the talking. I haven’t measured it as of yet, but I will probably do that when I trim it. I have become super nervous about heat though and I really dont think I will use heat until my 6 month mark to truly see how long my hair is if I can get away with it. I know length is one of my goals but so is healthy hair too. Let me tell you I have seen my hair getting healthier throughout this journey and it makes me so happy!!  Love my journey!



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