Weekend update

So this past week I decided to try out the paleo diet. Now, in my opinion it’s not a bad thing and a very healthier way of living, especially being an African American woman I’ve got a few diseases and problems coming my way if I don’t shape up. I lasted about a week on this diet. Haha by the time Thursday came around I was craving my bread and some ice cream. I tried! I’m going to try it again this week and modify my eating habits to where I can get in stuff that I like still and not feel bad about it but also get a healthier living in me. It will be tough I already know that seeing as I couldn’t last a whole week but I think maybe 3 out of 7 days I can do it. We shall see! I do love eating more salads though!! Mmmm delicious.

Natural hair update: I’ve been going strong these past 3 weeks and my 1 month of going fully natural(not putting any heat on it) will be coming up on Saturday so ill have a more detailed update then and pictures.

I’ve decided to do the squats challenge for the month of April. If you look below you can see what I’m talking about. 20130407-173617.jpg
Basically doing x amount of squats for that day and getting my thighs stronger and my butt tighter! Going well so far, and I can feel the strength in my legs improving.

I’ve also invested in the Nike+ sportsband20130407-173727.jpg so I can start running and getting my health up in that way as well as doing the Nike training club when I can. It’s a great time to start working out people!! Get it right get it tight! Feel so much better when you are working out and keeps your health up. So go out and do it!










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