The Bible: Part 5

First off Happy Easter everyone! Jesus has risen! Hallelujah!!!  I hope everyone had as great of an Easter as I did surrounded by friends and family.

On to the last part of the Bible Series part 5: “The Passion” We now see Jesus and his journey to the cross. Him being whipped, crowned with the crown of thorns and his journey carrying the cross. Just a week ago Jesus had been celebrated and openly welcomed by the people and now they yell “Crucify him! Crucify him!” Oh how we humans switch sides so quickly. Oh how heartless us humans can be to each other.

Jesus carries his cross after he has been whipped “40” times. As he drops the cross for the 3rd time, a man is called to help him carry the cross. Another Black man, might I add 🙂

Tears came to my eyes as I saw Jesus getting nailed to the cross. I dont know whats wrong with me but geez I’m becoming a sap about things lately. But honestly this is what Resurrection Day is all about. How can you not be touched and be moved?

Its a whole other world in Jesus’ time, I couldn’t fathom knowing what it was like to be in his time and walked where he walked or even to have met him, but boy, wouldn’t that have been a great story to tell.

“Father, forgive them. For they know not what they do.”

The temple walls come crumbling down as thunder clouds roll over Jesus. It is done. And Jesus dies.

Jesus has been put in the tomb. 3 days later, Mary goes to check the tomb and finds that Jesus is no longer there. The tomb is open and Jesus is alive.He has risen.

Jesus reappears to the disciples as they are doing communion (breaking bread, his body and drinking the wine, his blood).

He tells the disciples to go on and preach the gospel without him and peace be with them as he ascends into heaven.

As the disciples go out and start to preach they encounter some resistance with the crowds for preaching about Jesus. Peter gives a man his walking back, while Stephen gets stoned to death for preaching Jesus’ name, by Paul.

Paul is out to get all the disciples who preach in Jesus’ name and comes across Jesus himself who blinds Paul. Jesus then sends Adonias to baptise and heal Paul, because Jesus wants Paul to preach his word.

James the brother of John is captured and killed. They are driven from Jerusalem and they spread the gospel out to many lands.

Cornelius becomes the first Roman to be baptized in all of the land.

Peter is crucified in Rome upside down, John is poisoned in Rome, but they fail to kill him, Thomas is killed in Madras, Matthew is killed in Ethiopia ,and Paul is beheaded by the Romans and his letters make up almost half of the new testament. John is exiled and rights the last book of the bible, Revelations.

Jesus is the way the truth and the life. Amen.

Happy Easter! 


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