Hair Journey: Week 2

So I’ve been transitioning for 2 weeks now. And still loving finding out about my hair. I’ve been watching youtube clips as well as getting more information on hair products from my trusted friend, who has been natural for a very long time. She lives for this stuff!!  I’ve got some links for some youtube channels that I have been watching as well as links to products that I have purchased.





Anyways, have tried out the bantu-knots and twists as well as different methods for washing. Here are some pictures from the afters of my two different ones, I did bantu-knots one day and then I did twists into bantu-knots another day. Loving that they stick and I can sleep peacefully knowing that my hair wont look a mess when I wake up.

I’ve just decided to stick with my regular conditioner, which is the Giovanni Deep Conditioner, as well as I just bought the As I Am, Coconut Cowash that I’m excited to try out. I do my ACV rinse before (still looking for a good shampoo or cleanser, heard you can use the cowash as one) and deep condition my hair for 30-40 minutes. Then rinse.

I use my Giovanni Leave-in conditioner, right after I rinse my hair put some extra virgin olive oil in my hair to seal my moisture and then let it air dry for awhile. Then I start to style my hair by using my Shea butter Curl Enhancing Smoothie cream to hold and give my hair some great moisture and seal it with a little bit of ecostyling gel.

Loving my hair and finding out about my natural ways. Still can’t figure out my hair type, but I think that comes with time and also as my hair grows I’ll be able to see more of my hair pattern and figure it out from there.

I’m in love about learning more about my hair and seeing what else I can do with my hair as I transition. I’ve gotten headbands and scarfs to keep me wearing it in protective styles and keeping my hair protected and moisturize as much as possible. I know my hair needs it!

Any suggestions for those that have gone through transitioning? or are going through it? Products? Let me know!


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