Guilty Pleasures

I’ve got some guilty pleasures. I can’t help but to do it. Thats why they are guilty pleasures right?

Watching Glee (thats where I came up with my title), and Keeping up with the Kardashians (I love Khloe!! Only real one out there haha and I just watch to make fun of Kim and Kourtneys voices really), and on the side Snooki and JWoww (I’m in it for the kid, hes cute haha and JWow was a graphic designer so she kinda is pretty awesome in my book, but other than that very fake).




Reading books about gods and goddesses, love greek history and love history period. haha get it? But no seriously I love to read about history and a whole other world. I sometimes really picture myself living in another era. It would be so awesome to be in the times of the gladiators, romans, cesar, where athena was a godess, just endless possibilities.


Daydreaming. I dont know if thats a real guilty pleasure though. Its just necessary I think.


ffb6obdzkxc3pk7lvbw2Listening to Justin Bieber or One Direction while at work. Pandora has changed me and blame the guys I was around last summer for getting me hooked on JB. I can’t help it, the songs come on and its a small addiction to hear them at least once a day.




Using coupons, I went out today to about 6 different locations and out of those 6 I had giftcards/coupons for 5 of them. Score!! haha now I’m not like those crazy couponing ladies on that show or anything but I use what I have when I need it! P.S. love that show and hoarding and my addictions. People are crazy!! But its interesting to see how people function in these situations and what puts them in those situations. Its intriguing.

I could go on but… one of my guilty pleasures is on. 🙂

What are some of your guilty pleasures?



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