Volunteer Work

So I’ve been wanting to volunteer or do something where I can be active in the community again, because going back to school is not my option as of right now. I want to be able to help out when I can, and do what I can and what makes me happy. I hope that by doing this I can meet more people in the community and figure out some ways to be more social and outgoing.

I’ve looked into the Rotary club at the UVU campus, and I just need to get over there one day for their meeting and see how it is. I hope its what my best friend has described it all to be. Many different ages and groups of people, helping out around the community.

Screen Shot 2013-03-08 at 1.16.50 PM

I’m also looking into charities that I can donate to, I’ve signed up for this campaign called the Love UT Give UT. Which is happening on March 22,2013. I feel like I need to give back, it may be in a small way but its something.

What are some ideas that you do as volunteers?


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