Double Cross by James Patterson

I haven’t done a book review in a while. Sorry I’ve been slacking! But I have been reading some pretty good books lately.

I’ve been between mystery and history. Haha hope you caught that little rhyme. 🙂 Been loving the books on history a lot and trying to get more history oriented myself. It’s also nice to have a mixture of types of genres in there as well. So getting a mystery in was well needed.  Anyways, currently on deck is this book below. James Patterson, Double Cross.

This book has kept me in suspense and trying to figure out the mystery before I finish the book. I always try to and usually I do figure it out. As for this book though, I think its got a lot more twists than I can guess myself. I’ve been hooked and I’m going to start from Series one after I finish this book. Somehow I’ve jumped to book 13 out of the Alex Cross Series and there are, I think, 16 in this series. Haha oops! However, I don’t feel lost because it’s a new mystery to solve. Can’t wait to finish the book up tonight!

For all of those mystery lovers I hope you have read from this author. If you have feel free to write your thoughts on this author and what you like or don’t like. Would love to hear your opinion. I don’t know why it took me so long to start reading from this author, but I’m glad I’ve added him to my list of top authors. His writing is pretty amazing and keeps you hooked. Don’t believe he will be loosing his touch any time soon, or this fan here.


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