All-Star Weekend!

I swear, sometimes I believe I’m a boy at heart for how much I love to watch basketball and many other sports. Football has grown on me immensely and I would stay up early in the morning for the Olympics. I can’t help how amazing and talented this athletes are.


As I’m sitting here I’ve been watching the All-Star Slam Dunk Contest, Three-Point Shootout and Skills Challenge. I love how the system is working this year. They are East vs. West. Based on winning team, not individuals this year. Its all about giving back to the community this year and their donations. Can’t help but applaud them this year on that decision. Great idea whoever came up with it. Should have been like this awhile ago.

I can see that it brings out a lot of people, and celebrities to this great weekend. And I heard my man Kevin Hart won MVP again last night at the celebrity game too! (Pretty sure it was rigged, but eh haha) Sucks I couldn’t watch it, but I was out spending time with my man.

Always love this time of year. Up next is March Madness!!! I can feel spring getting closer and closer!!




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