DIY: Canvas Prints

Sorry about the prepost earlier today everyone! But I accidently hit the publish button ahead of time! Oops!

Well anyways, If you got a preview you knew where I was going with my next DIY project. I originally found it on Pinterest and was just looking for a great explaination on how to do it. Soo in comes this blog! This lady explains it well and I was so happy to have found it so thank you! Its DIY Canvas Prints at a discounted price and much cheaper than getting huge photo canvas prints that would probably cost $50 and up.

Anyways, I headed to HomeDepot and got my board cut and while I was there picked up my material: Which is the loctite spray adhesive for multi-surfaces (make sure it has foam in the description).photo 2-1

I also got my 3/4 x 4ft x 8ft insulation board. Man was this big! I asked a nice sales person to cut it for me so I could fit it into my car. This was no joke haha. photo 1-1 Got it all order online so I didn’t have to go searching for it around the store and got a great deal! Then I headed to Staples to pick up my prints, can I just tell you I order all of this last night and it was ready within an hour?!? And.. haha is it bad that the lady from Staples when I went to go pick up my prints knows that I was on pinterest and found this idea out? Haha. I was so tempted to go out and pick it up but it was around 9pm already. Ordered them online (type in engineer prints and let the process begin) I got 2 prints at 36 X 48 (but there are smaller sizes). I have big white walls and I needed them to be covered.

So I got to work. I followed the steps on the blog and put my prints on the foam board. photo 4 photo 5

Once I let them dry I applied the command strips for picture and frame hanging. I love the ones that lock into place because its so much easier to just snap them into place. photo 3

My walls are no longer bare!! So happy that I have something exciting to look at now in my living room.

photo 2Big canvas prints of my loves ❤  and Jesus right next to them. I know it looks small compared to this picture, but trust me its big and I love it!

Hope you guys enjoy! Try taking up a project for yourselves this weekend. I had a lot of fun with this and it only took an hour to put together.


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