E-books or the real thing?

Soo, I decided to go to barnes and noble last week and just walk around to remember when I could spend hours inside that place and just look for the right amount of books, I could never just buy one, but I did have to limit myself! Haha But anyways. I forgot how much I missed that place! It was my second home really. I loved the feel of new bound hardback books and how the pages were designed.

Barnes-and-NobleEver since e-books became the new thing, and buying books online for easier connivence I have forgotten my first love. Its hard to say that I dont like e-books because I do. They do make traveling much easier and I can pick up where I left off on any of my devices because its linked through my kindle account. I also love that I can get my magazine subscriptions on my iPad as well. ( I love this feature and would never trade back for cheap magazines ever again! Its so interactive ) I can try samples through iBooks and see if I want the book and its basically the same price for an e-book that it is for a hardback book if not cheaper.

I’m torn between two loves. I feel like I can read books much faster on my kindle and flip through a lot more pages, but I just love the feeling of physically turning a book and having full proof of the book I just bought. I still have a ton of my hardback and paperback books and love going back to read some from time to time.

I’m a dork and I’m not afraid to shout it. I love books. My new thing is to keep my balanced, is to buy a physical book at least every other month. Help put my mind at ease.

Barnes and Noble I will forever Love you and your books. I hope physical books are never gone.


One thought on “E-books or the real thing?

  1. you are so cute!!! I feel you!!! lol Sometimes I just feel like technology has taken over. The “originals” are always better. 🙂

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