UNCF: an evening of stars

Last night I got the pleasure to watch the UNCF celebration on BET. Now what is the UNCF you may ask? Well for those of you who don’t know it stands for United Negro College Fund. It was all about celebrating an evening of stars. And if you think this was like the SAG awards you would be wrong. These stars were actually college graduates, future college students, and some stars that had graduated from an HBCU(Historical Black Colleges and Universities).


Through programs like these and scholarships and support that is strongly supported by big sponsors, it has given a lot of African American students the opportunity to go to college when they probably didn’t think they could have gone.

The UNCF was celebrating many students throughout the celebration and it was so inspiring. I remember when I was looking for colleges and had somewhere in my mind that I wanted to go to an HBCU, but somehow I guess I wanted to stay close to home and I just didn’t think it was for me I guess. But hearing all these inspirational stories and smart African American students in high school and their motivation. I realize that I should have at least applied to one.

I think they create a great basis for African Americans everywhere and give out scholarships of inspiration and promote higher education for our race. The UNCF is all about granting and helping out the future generations of our race and helping out. It truly was inspiring to watch.

I did of course love the many artists singing throughout the show as well. Seemed they picked the right people to inspire and encourage those around us.

I watched all over twitter how many people were tweeting they got so inspired that they were thinking about going back to college. Well I think I became one of those people last night too. I think I might want to try my foot in a HBCU. They are smaller colleges and more based on higher education for or culture. So tuition will usually be a bit higher than a oublic college but you also get class sizes that are much smaller and focused based. I always wanted to be apart of an African sorority but never got the chance going to the school I went to. I think I would truly be able to learn more about myself and about my culture. So who knows?!!? I’m lookin.

For those of you looking to futher your education I’ve attached a link below of the list of all the historical black colleges and a list of scholarships as well, that are offered by the UNCF.

Make an investment in your future. Knowledge is power.
A mind is a terrible thing to waste but a wonderful thing to invest in.




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