My Word of the Year

So I have been contemplating on this word for a week now and I just couldn’t quite decide for a bit until I was going over things that I was hoping and wishing for for this upcoming year. Out popped the word Growth.

I want to Grow this year. Last year I was all about focusing and figuring out what I wanted to do to succeed and what would happen after college. Well I stayed focused a lot did happen last year. This year I would like to have Growth.

Not only within myself, but different aspects of my life. I want to Grow stronger and be more courageous. I want to Grow in understanding of myself and those around me that matter. I want to Grow in my work and understand as much as I can. I want to Grow as a person. I want to Grow in my relationship. I want to Grow with God.

With Growth comes understanding and Peace though. I want to have peace in my mind. I dont want to be as stressed out as I was last year and want to be more happy-go-lucky because being uptight and always worrying doesn’t help me get any younger!

I hope you Grow and have Peace within your life this year and go along a great journey.


Happy New Year!!!


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