What people most misunderstand about me

Back to where it began…

29. What do you think people misunderstand most about you?

I think the thing that people most misunderstand about me is that I never get mad. Ohh I think if you ask my mother, father, sister, or boyfriend they would beg to differ. Haha they all know that I have a mean side and I can get very angry when I can’t control a situation or something isn’t going my way. I get very frustrated and angry which leads me to be very quiet and walk away from the situation. I will sulk and hold things in a lot longer than I should for no reason. I’m a hardhead. Although it does take a lot for me to get mad, it is rare to see me mad. So good luck on trying to make me mad if your not someone that is close to me and I would even think to show that side of me. Outside of my immediate family and friends, I really do try and let things go with the flow and try to work around things. Even though it may annoy me, it won’t make me completely mad. I’m just weird like that.




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