Favorite Part of my Body

Back to where it all began…  

27. What is your favorite part of your body and why?

Hmmm my favorite part of my body. I would have to say my face. Because my face says so much in so little of an expression. I can convey a lot of what is going on in my mind if you just look at my facial expressions. I can say so much by one look, whether it be a good look or a bad look. Either way my face says it all. Haha I’ve been told I have a death stare and my mother always wants to poke my eyes out when I give it to her. I’ve got lopsided dimples that come out when I’m laughing or smiling really hard. And my eyebrows and mouth say so much on how I am feeling or what I am about to say.

The many faces of me!!! :

IMG_0430 IMG_1006 IMG_1071 IMG_1086 IMG_1106 IMG_1210 IMG_1339 IMG_0004 IMG_0030 IMG_1471Lets just say I can probably never get away with winning poker.


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