Top 5 hobbies

Back to where it all began… 

23. List your top 5 hobbies and why you love them.

My top 5 hobbies. Shoot this probably goes along with the top 5 things that make me happy but lets just get on with them 🙂

  1. Reading. Can’t help it love knowledge, love romance, love trilogies, love mysteries. Love books. Its like entering someone else’s world and looking from the outside in. You can even feel what they feel sometimes. Its so awesome how words can translate such powerful emotions and how words can mean so
  2. DIY crafts. I’m artsy, its in my blood, its what I love, its my job. I love finding new things to do and can’t wait to do the next thing. I think I will knitting next even haha. I’ve already got the sewing down pretty much, and decor for my place, so why not? Its something new20121127-214928.jpg
  3. Eating and cooking. I love to eat and I love to cook. Shoot if I didn’t have my fast metabolism it probably wouldn’t look good for me, but I would be a jolly cook thats for sure! Haha I love to bake so trying out new recipes and throwing things together is where I’m in my zone. It makes me super happyMini Lasagna
  4. Writing. I use to write a ton of poems when I was in high school and middle school. Now I just write down my thoughts and sometimes I even write on my blog!! (who knew) 🙂 I love just putting down what I feel at that moment and see how I figure out things that are within myself because its interesting my though process
  5. Watching tv shows. I just love them. Its mostly the same reason why I love to read, because you get to enter into another world for a half hour or an hour and nothing else really matters during that time. Some are just for laughs, some are so SCANDALous, some are heart breaking, and others you just watch and shake your head like how did I start watching this


P.S. Props to this lady here ^^^ Kerry Washington for being an African American Woman leading actress on a TV series. AMEN to that sista!


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