3 significant memories from my childhood

Back to where it all began… 

20. Describe 3 significant memories from your childhood.

  1. Going to visit my grandparents in the Virgin Islands, St. Croix. Probably the most exciting thing I looked forward to because I got to see all my cousings my aunts and uncles and see my grandparents. Those were just great days when everyone got together on the patio or we had a trip to the beach. As years went on we all grew up and their would be more of us or more of our stuff all cramped into my grandparents house! 3 different families each with 2 kids of their own. Now that was a packed houseElise 043 Elise 103
  2. Going on cruises as our family reunions. I think this is what started my itch for traveling. We went all through the bahamas in my cruise experiences and I was so excited to see so much when I was younger. Plus cruise ships had all you could eat buffets. How could I say no to soft served ice cream and french fries?!?! It was a childs’ dream
  3. Playing on the playground with my best friends. We called ourselves the three musketeers. I grew up with these ladies. All the way from preschool until 6th grade until one of us had to move away and then the 2 of us went on to go to the same middle school and high school. They were my best friends. We did everything together. 284_505968803781_9714_n 206363_1016611210267_7287_n

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