10 pet peeves

Back to where it all began… 

10. Describe 10 pet peeves you havegrrr

  1. When people talk with their mouths full. Also loud chewing. So don’t chomp and chomp in my ear!!!
  2. When you make a promise and you can’t keep it
  3. People not using their signals while driving (its really getting on my nerves here in Utah more than usual, people can’t drive here)
  4. People trying to talk to me while I’m watching my shows
  5. When people assume something about you and they don’t even know you
  6. Seriously not calling me back or texting me back when we are in the middle of a conversation
  7. That weird fuzz in your socks, that sometimes that get stuck in-between your toes! Ugh so annoying!!
  8. Repeating yourself, and repeating myself. I hate having to do it, when I know I’ve already explained myself.
  9. Long pointless voicemails. I never check them in the first place, and then if they are especially long I wont even play it, goes straight to delete
  10. Babies in movie theaters or restaurants. I’m sorry, but if you dont have a quiet child at a nice restaurant or of course the obvious, quiet movie theater, their should be NO BABIES ALLOWED! Stay home and watch movies or go to children’s movies, not Rated R movies for adults.

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