Most Embarrassing Moment

Back to where it all began… 

10. Describe your most embarrassing moment

My most embarrassing moment. Hmm well, what can I say. I’ve had a lot of awkward moments in my life and a few things that would probably embarrass most but I just laughed them off.
But I guess I can say that some embarrassing moments in my life were:

During a basketball game in high school I fell so hard on my tailbone that I had to walk off the court ASAP. I had to ice my butt in front of everyone. Hurt but I still laughed it off.

I’ve sang on a table at red robin happy birthday to myself to get a free ice cream

I trip a lot over flat ground and my feet. I always get the most embarrassed when I know my boyfriend saw it. He knows I’m clumsy.

These embarrassing moments make me who I am. I can honestly say I laugh off a lot of things that happen to me and anything that can be embarrassing I embrace it. It’s kind of hard not to being me.

Laugh at yourself first, before anyone else can.
Elsa Maxwell



3 thoughts on “Most Embarrassing Moment

  1. I once asked a lady for the time who had no watch. Most likely because she had no arms. When I realized what I had done I immediately understood the moment to be the most embarrassing of my life. It was horrifying for both parties.

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