10 people who have influenced me

Back to where it all began… 

 9. List 10 people who have influenced you and describe how


1. My mother. If you haven’t been following along or reading the past 8 other posts. My mom is pretty much my best friend who I can always count on. She has taught me so much. Especially about money and how to save and spend wisely. Without her I don’t think I would know so much about money and things and be as strong willed and confident in myself.

2. My dad. Shoot if you around my dad for less than 5 minutes, he can always find common ground with you, no matter the topic. I’ve learned so much from him from math, computers, history, cars, sports, and so much more. He has taught me a lot and how to protect myself and stand up for myself. I think I got my leadership traits from him because of who my dad is to me. He’s the social person, that no matter where he goes, he always finds someone he knows.

4. My sister. Even though we were like typical sisters and fought all the time until I was in high school, (probably because she went to college and thats when I didn’t have to deal with her as much 🙂 haha just kidding Rudi). She has always had my back on things and has calmed me down when I’ve had a fight with my mom and always seems to take my side on things. She has helped my mom see where I was coming from on some issues, and we have gone through some of the same things over the time so I could always ask her opinion on things because I knew she had gone through it already. She is a hard worker and I admire her strength.

5. Alexis. That girl. I can honestly say we have been through a lot. Haha we are ending up doing the same thing a lot lately. I can always talk to her and I feel like my day is not totally complete unless I talk to her. She has so much courage and strength in a lot of things. She has worked hard and she has a future idea that I can’t wait to see come through.

6 & 7. My first and second grade teacher. Mrs. Frieling and Mrs. Dempsey. These ladies taught me so much. And the fact that they still show so much pride and happiness for me when something good comes in my life only makes me that much more happy that I had them in my life. They saw me grow up! They’ve always given me the knowledge and encouragement and I am so thankful that I had teachers like them because they motivated me to do great.

8. My advisor. Marcia Roberts. This lady was there when I didn’t know what to do with myself in college after my first try of a major didnt work out. She pointed me in the right direction. And she was there for me every step of the way. To reassure me, to guide me, to just sit and talk with me and to show me the many options I had. I always loved going into her office before and after my semester to touch base with her. She was so proud of me, especially when I was taking more credits than I needed to and was coming out strong. I can honestly thank her for guiding me to a career in graphic design because without her, who knows what major I would have ended up in.

9. My professor, Alan Hashimoto. Hes so carefree and laid back. He has no regrets, hes done so much in his life. If I were to ever become a teacher, I would love to be like him. Just pushing the limits and seeing how far I could go with it. Taking my study abroad trip was one of the best decisions of my life. He showed me that I needed to push the limits, because he saw it in me, but  I didn’t see it in myself.

10. God. Without him my life wouldn’t have be possible. My dreams wouldn’t come true. I thank God everyday for the opportunities he has given me and I’m so grateful for the life he has provided for me.


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