5 passions of mine

Back to where it all began… 

8. What are 5 passions you have?

In no particular order of how I rank them:

  1. Passionate about crafts and DIY stuff. I love to create things on my own and I love looking for the next thing that I can do. Check out my DIY section on my blog if your just as interested in it as I am.20121127-214928.jpg
  2. I love reading. I use to read so much when I was in middle school and high school. Going to Barnes and Noble on a weekend was my favorite. I could sit in those chairs for hours. No that I dont have to do homework or anything I’ve gotten back into and I love it. Rather than reading the physical books(I do still read them from time to time) I have my iPad on which I can read any of my books that I’ve bought through the kindle or apple store or my library. I’m even listening to audio books. So which ever way I can get my hands on a book I do it. I love it (currently listening to BossyPants by Tina Fey) 
  3. I love to watch movies. I dont go out to the movie theaters too often anymore, but I rent a lot and watch my netflix as well.  Movies are just stepping into another word for an hour and a half and just shutting out whats going on in the world. Can’t help but to love them. (Favorite Christmas movie! For adults of course) 1063212
  4. Cooking. Shoot If I could I would love to travel around the world and learn how to cook different types of foods from famous chefs! That would be awesome! I would love to make a show out of it. Because I love to eat. But more than eating I love to cook. It makes me happy, it keeps me calm. I love to bake as well. I’m trying out new things and I love just throwing something together and it comes out tasting amazing. Cookies and cupcakes are my weakness.While chili and any pasta dishes are heaven to me. I love getting to sit down after I have cooked a great meal and enjoying the first bit. That says so much in that one bit how the rest of your food will taste. A lot is resting on it. (mini lasagna)Mini Lasagna
  5. My Job. I have passion for the things I do at work and I have a passion for producing something functioning and making sure it comes out looking great. I have a passion for web design and cant get enough information. I love learning about it and I can’t stop until I get it right otherwise it will bug me until I do. I can honestly say I have a pure passion for it because I come home and want to do more even when I know my eyes can’t take it anymore. IMG_1629

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