20 randoms

Back to where it all began… 

List 20 random things about yourself…

  1. I love to read, if a book engages me I will stay up all night and not know because the book is that intriguing to me
  2. I am very organized, and yet in the end I just go with my feeling and somehow it always works out. I adapt to change very well, something in me just says “go with the flow” 
  3. I’m effected by what my mother thinks about me and how my dad perceives me.                                                                                                                                             Yes I know, I care what the most important people in my life think about me.
  4. I love being social, meaning I love being in leadership roles, helping out others and learning from others, and yet I can be alone for days and not care, because I love the peace and quite of things
  5. I have a passion for great quotes and design
  6. I love tattoos, I believe in my circle of people with tattoos they all have a deep meaning.
  7. My laptop is always on me, its my baby, (GO MAC!!!), can’t wait to get an iMac 
  8. I swear, sometimes I get so invested in something that I forget about the real world
  9. Sleep is the best medicine, besides laughter. I love that I can laugh and make people laugh, because without laughter life is just plain boring. 
  10. I’m left handed and proud of it!! 
  11. I honestly love my name, and hope i can come up with something just as unique, when the time comes. Its one of a kind
  12. I love the superhero action movies, that part of me is definitely a guy haha
  13. I love to drive, it gives me so much time to think and its just my time
  14. I honestly believe I am destined for great things, whether it be in my work or what I do, I have big dreams and                                                                                       I don’t think anything will keep me from doing what I want. 
  15. Traveling is my biggest dream and I’m always thinking of my next big adventure. 
  16. I love history, one of many things I picked up from my dad, and will stay on the history channel for hours
  17. I’ve been told by a lot of people I am the calm one, but the ones closest to me know differently.                                                                                                                           I can get very angry and stubborn when something big happens to me, that I’m not expecting. 
  18. I have a problem with garages or anything related to a box next to my car. (haha nuff said)
  19. If I could be under blankets or sweatshirts all day I would. Its my secret comfort. it makes me the most comfortable when I’m at home, under a blanket watching tv or movies
  20. Minimal is good for me, jewelry wise. I like small things and only 1 or 2 things on my hands or wrist. Bracelets annoy me because they never fit, big earrings take down my ears and hurt, so I keep it simple

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