Project a Weekend

Soo I’ve been pinning after pinning of DIY crafts to decorate my apartment and I finally have gotten the chance over this past weekend to start on that long list of things. Finally getting to decorate the place my own way! Also.. Sorry I forgot to do a before and after. I’ll be sure to do that next time and anytime after!

I’ll let the projects do the talking 🙂

ImageMy curtains headboard 🙂 Adds such a cute touch to my bedroom. Got my curtains at ShopKo for 5.88 a piece 🙂 (this was on a sales weekend)

ImageMy framed keys holder (take a $1.97 walmart black frame, $0.57 cents acrylic pant, and ribbon)                All under $5 Dollars!!

ImageChalkboard painted pan! Nuff said right?! ($0.92 cent flat sheet pan, chalkboard paint about $5 bucks, and chalk of your choice)  I added the cute touch of ribbon.

If you didn’t know one thing about me I love ribbon, I have stacks of them ready to use for any occasion.

Stay tuned for more DIY project a weekend crafts!


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