While Luda is in the shop….

My poor baby, my poor Luda, got hit by a deer and was hurt from the inside out.

No longer the beautiful dark green, fully put together 2001 Saturn LS. The right side was torn apart and broken.

Its like a relationship, you get back what you put in. My luda was hurt and neglected. I’m so sorry Luda for not paying as much attention to you as I should have.

I should have washed you and kept you clean, inside and out.

I shouldn’t have smeared that blue acrylic paint on your back seat

I shouldn’t have spilled constant Dr Pepper in your cup holder and made you sticky.

I should have made you smell better

I should have paid more attention to you.

Forgive me Luda for I have done wrong by you. But come the end of this week, all will be fixed and just as new baby!!

While you are in the shop….

While I am off on break, I will keep you protected and dress you up with new interiors and make you just as new

Good Luda, Good Luda, your green will shine once again


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