Paint on the backseat

I haven’t written in a long while. For that I am sorry. I have gotten into the motion of homework, homework, classes, classes, work, work, and doing it all over again. No time to blog as much as I use to and I miss it. A lot has happened since my last written blog … BEFORE SCHOOL STARTED!!!
Wow! Well since then, I have loved all my classes, each one in their own way and my favorite as of right now would have to be my Graphic Interface Design. I love CODING!!! I love when I get something right, granted it might take a couple of tries and things but when I do get it I’m so excited and want to learn more.
My Entrepreneurship class is amazing. My teacher is hilarious and the lessons and group activities we get to do during class are very fun and engaging. I’m excited.
I’ve had some great opportunities presented to me, work involved and classroom involved. I’m excited for the future and excited for the next steps in life. I’ve reached out to mentors that I think will help guide me along some great paths and guide me towards a very good direction for me to start at.
My sister (Mal) had a baby!!! Sooo adorable and I can’t wait to meet her. 🙂
I’ve got a great apartment. Took some necessary steps before school started with life decisions and worked out some issues.
Organized my life a little bit better than before, and accumulating clothes beyond my closet. Went GREEN! With my laptop ha and trying to do so with the earth as well.
Went Skydiving! Check off that on my bucket list 🙂
Excited, excited for the future. I think this is my year. Just have to keep focused and keep working hard. I’ve got a good support system and time well spent to work on the necessary things. I need to gain more knowledge, but with time I know it will help. In all aspects of life.

Well…. back to my homework!! What else is new?


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