Packing…. Dreadful time

Well…. it’s that time of year again… where I pack up and head to college once again, only difference is this will be my last time packing up to go and I’m ecstatic! But the trip will be all day and then unpacking into my new apartment that same day. My parents and I have this down pat: Pack the car the night before, wake up early the next morning, drive the 9 hours, unpack, set up room, relax with family, next day, shopping for necessities, and chill. 2 days is how we do it. We are legit. 

Back to what I dread… packing… ugghhh my worst enemy during this time. Always going back and forth about what to bring and what to leave, what I need and what I want. It’s hard to say no in this case. Figured this is my best method: throw everything in a suitcase and then process of elimination from there.

Wish me luck! 


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