How to Love

Love… everyone ponders this, everyone experiences it, everyone knows it and everyone feels it. It may not be in the way that they show it in the movies but the feeling is there none the less.

My question is…. how do you love? I know what love is and I know what it feels like, but I don’t believe I’ve ever really given love to anyone but my parents and sister.

I’ve guarded my feelings since who knows when, and can’t seem to put them out to show. Who openly wants to get hurt by love? I know I don’t. So I hide and put up walls. So I pick the guys that show the least amount of feelings towards me, because the ones that over power me with feelings I get annoyed with and push them away.

I know I’m a hopeless romantic, based on the books I read and the movies I watch, and the things I write about. But how do you love? How do you show it?

I know I’ve been hurt in the past, and cried over stupid boys and stupid situations, but I don’t think I can ever say I truly loved one of them. I might have said it just because, but I know I never did. Why is that? I know I’ve pushed people away, and gotten “bored” with people, and gotten scared of the future. It happens it’s who I am, partially..

But Who am I? I know that I need to love myself before I can love someone else, and I’m working on that, and to be honest it’s going pretty well. I love the path I’m going on and I love the things I have been provided with, blessed by God and my family. I’m surrounded by love and I know it.

So How to Love? I know those romantic love stories never happen as a happily ever after, and neither do the books. How do you go about finding that other opposite?

I’m my mind, I don’t believe there is just one person out there for you, I believer that people come in and out of your life for a reason and its upon you as to how you go about them.

How to Love? I need to love myself first and with that I have to take some steps to continue to do that further before I can say I love someone else, before I can even been in a relationship with someone. So baby steps is how I get to love.

Baby steps is what I’m going to do for myself. How to Love………………

Just another mystery I still ponder and have yet to give to another


One thought on “How to Love

  1. 1.) You write beautifully.
    2.) You’re ahead of the game… I wish I loved myself the way I know I need to. It’s prevented me from loving others. Truly.
    3.) I think loving yourself and loving another can both occur simultaneously. It probably isn’t wise to wait around until you love yourself completely before you begin trying to love another. A partner who is good for you will help you love yourself. Love is a process, not an event.
    4.) I agree that there’s not ONE person that you’re destined for.. Just a few choice possibilities.


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