Let go and let God

You can’t always rely on the people who are there in the beginning.
You cant always trust that they will be there in the end.

Believing and trusting in someone is a hard thing for me to do, and once you get past that, you better hope you don’t break that line. I’ve always been quick to let my guard down and sometimes it always got the best of me. But in the end I got right back on my feet and forgave them for what they did. Why is that? Because I relied on those people, and they deserved a second chance. Now after a second chance good luck on me being “buddy buddy” with you afterwards.
I may put on a smile and say hi to you, but in the end I will never trust you again.

So I forgive, so I move on.
I let go and let God.
I put my faith in God and I believe he puts certain people into my life, some may be passerby’s and some may stay forever. It’s a choice we live by and forgiveness we have been given.


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