New beginnings… new way of living

I have recently just found out that I will be graduating with a BFA in Art with an emphasis in Graphic Design!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I made it!!!!! I’m making something of myself and doing bigger things. I’m learning from myself as well as those around me and I’ve done something great. Can I just say that this past Friday was the most stressful day of my life!? Work was crazy and on top of that I had my review for my Graphic Design so I was thinking about that all day as well. It was crazy, when it came down to the last 20 minutes before decision time and getting off of work, I was freaking out and couldn’t control myself. I was shaking and trying to calm myself down as I was walking to the Art department.

As soon as I walked into the building, in front of the office, saw the list, and looked for my name. I seriously couldn’t contain my joy! I was smiling and realized I could breath again!! I was so happy for the outcome and was ready to tell everyone the good news!


Thank you family for keeping me a bit more sane in the days before and the day of. I couldn’t have done it without you. Thank you for my friends and family with their “congratulations” and “I knew you could do it” and “I’m proud of yous”

Those got me through the rest of the day and nothing brought me down. I was so happy to know that my future was in my hands at that point and I realized that its all up to me to do it right.

I’ve got my cheerleaders on the side to guide me and help me along with encouraging words, but I also have to realize I have to make the changes that are necessary to make myself better and stronger as a Graphic Designer.

I’m thinking bigger now, Certificates to make myself more knowledgeable in my field and keep me up-to-date on things that I might not have know previously.

Also research, Research, RESEARCH!! Do my research because my field is every changing and I need to learn from it. Find inspiration and get experience in working my field as well. Its all about presentation. Thats what I learned.
At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter who said what, its…

Did you leave a lasting impression on those who you spoke to?”

Did you give a good presentation of yourself, in order to better yourself?

The world is in my hands right now. It truly is and I am truly blessed by God. He had a plan for me and I’m fitting in just right 🙂


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