keep your friends close

I’ve come to realize that I have great friends that surround me, keep me laughing, look out for me and watch over me, even if I may not notice it.

I know it may be a little late on realizing this, but I do thank God each and everyday for the family and friends that surround me. So I’m just late at telling the world.

I’m thankful for Family 


I’m thankful for Sam (Bestie)

I’m thankful for Katie

I’m thankful for Clare 

I’m thankful for Karrie 

I’m thankful for Alexis

I’m thankful for my work friends

I’m thankful for my BSU friends 


I’m thankful for everyone else. Without these friends in my life I don’t know how I would survive college! Haha I’ve kept my friends close and I’m so happy that they haven’t pushed me away or gotten sick of me yet. So thank you guys and gals you have made me who I am today and you have shaped me into the person that I am proud to call your friend.


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