>Moment 4 life

>One Moment can change a life. One word can make a difference. I believe everything happens for a reason, and that at the same time we learn from our mistakes and what makes us human. They say love is suppose to make your world stop for that moment that you know they are the one, that love is suppose to make you laugh, cry, scream, and smile, all in one minute. They say love can last a life time. But they also say love hurts, and can heal all wounds, then why hurt in the first place? To move on and to survive….

Once again, a new beginning, and a new door opening. When one thing sets me back, I’ve got two more things to look forward to. 
The stages of grief are as stated: 
Shock and Denial
Pain and Guilt
Anger and Bargaining
Depression, reflection
The upward turn
Acceptance and Hope
Each person goes through this in their own time and they all react to it in different ways. I do have to say 3 days was the quickest of my stages of grief. And mine put me in a good place to end things, looking forward to the future, of finding a career when I get out of college, and working. Followed by friends that made me laugh, and the trip I plan to take. 
No matter what life brings me, there are always obstacles that I have to go over and things that I have to overcome. I believe it only makes me stronger and like my mother says “I am woman hear me roar” haha šŸ™‚ 
Things that happen for a reason, bring me to the next day of my future. 
AUSTRIA, my career path (BFA in Art with an emphasis in Graphic Design), finding an internship, new job opportunities to advance my learning, my sister’s wedding, graduating so I can move up on out of here! 
Moments can only last for a second thats why they are called moments, but its that short time that we remember and that moment that can last for a lifetime that we can always look back on. I’m making my moments and they will change me possibly, hopefully for the better, and moments will define who I want to be and what I came to do. 
This is my Moment 4 life.  

One thought on “>Moment 4 life

  1. From my mother:

    I cried when I read this oneā€¦.my baby is growing up and understanding a setback does not end life as we know it ā€¦.It prepares us for the next step in life, the next step in love, the next step WE want to take. It prepares us for what is truly aheadā€¦.and when you are satisfied with being the woman you want to be and satisfied with being you and loving who you are and not what someone else wish or expects you to beā€¦.you will be truly ready for that next step that next commitment called loveā€¦.and it will truly be a beautiful thing. You will learn to take the good with the badā€¦.compromiseā€¦and work it all out- together. True love is working out everything and forgiving all..as long as it does not consist of physical or mental abuse.

    You wrote this beautifully and I am soooooooo PROUD of you!…..

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