>African Americans vs. Law Enforcement

>This was our topic for BSU meeting today and I wish a lot more people had participated in the discussion. But as an overview we had reviewed a lot of cases that ended in deaths, beatings, and people ending up in the hospital on many faulty accounts of african americans being wrongly accused/ beating over by the police/law enforcement. It was an interesting thing to look up and research because a lot of information is out there now that  many people haven’t looked at and a lot of the information you do find are usually in “air quotes” and faulty information. But at the end of this all we realized that as a black community we are lacking in unity. We aren’t communicating with one another and we aren’t as open with one another and being friends. Our Unity is dying and its because of us ourselves, because the race is dying, through many factors; jail, deaths, births, interracial dating, etc
Look these sites over and see the rates: its sad to see what went wrong and whats going on in the public eye. I might add pros and cons of the law enforcement if I get a chance to. But here are some instances where the public just didn’t make it against law enforcement

I see it every day on campus and it hurts, another african american walks by without acknowledging you and keeps on walking, through us not talking to one another, thats not right. So I say lets pay it forward and get to know everyone!! Be persisted and make them want to talk to you! Make them want to be your friend. Its our time to unite with the small amount of people that we are around in Logan, Utah there is no need to ignore one another. We are all in the same boat and we need each other in the end. Thats what it comes down to.


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