>Scary Movie Scary


In the words of my mother this experience was “scary movie scary” Me and Jon were dropping of one off his dads friends at his house way out in Tremonton about a half hour drive for those of you who don’t know. Well we were heading back on this long straight road with train tracks every once and awhile. Well a train was coming and we were stopped on one side. The red lights were blinking and the train was rolling by slowly. Then it stopped. It was like everything had stopped at that point and nothing was moving. nothing was around us and it was just us in a car in the middle of the road waiting to get to the other side. Then jon had to go on and say something that would happen in a scary movie which only made me scared because it really would be something like this situation. Then we wanted to see how dark it truly was and by then it was way too dark to turn off all the lights. So he did, and the only thing we could see were the red lights blinking back and forth, back and forth. Lets just say I tried to stay calm the whole time but there is only so much I can take. All in all we were sitting in the car for a good 15 minutes waiting for the train to go by and pick up again. I would like to never been in that situation again. And all we wanted to do that night was watch a movie in peace…


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